About Us

About Us

The Rainbow Tribe is noted for its highly appreciable quality at highly affordable prices. Myriad collections under our reputed brand TULSATTVA are marked by exclusivity, elegance and élan that remarkably cater to the changing tastes of our esteemed customers.

Delivery of quality service has been our hallmark and living up to our clients/customer's expectations is accorded top priority.

Also we provide viable business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs, Resellers, retailers and anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur and wishes to make minimal investments on his/her own

The Company

Since its inception in 2012, tulsattva, has emerged as one of India’s leading handcrafted, handpicked merchandise brand. The brand has positioned itself to be the one stop shop to all women’s fashion needs.

Our Philosophy

The Rainbow Tribe subscribes to the ideology of inclusive and equitable growth and firmly believes in serving the national interest by generating self-employment opportunities, empowering women and bringing greater social mobility.

We believe in creating a win-win situation for consumers, partners and employees that results in mutual growth and prosperity.

Our commitment to inclusive growth and mutual prosperity generates trust both among our external and internal customers as well as among our distributors, partners, and the society at large

Indigenous fashion- TULSATTVA

TULSATTVA is a sublime blend of "tulsi" and "sattva". The ‘tulsi’ plant or Indian basil has been an important symbol in the Indian tradition throughout ages

  • The name Tulsi connotes “the incomparable one”. ‘Sattva’ is purity in Sanskrit and denotes the purest form of any substance.
  • This merchandise picked by you is the amalgamation of purity and quality to make this the ‘incomparable one’.
  • This quality merchandise is hand crafted with finest material to ensure purity in terms of comfort, durability etc. Its gracious repertoire of styles, silhouettes, designs, etc. makes it a paragon of excellence and expertise.

We take immense pride in interpreting the indigenous crafts and techniques of India into products with rich soulful details, and generational stories to tell.